Description of a Dunlop CryBaby with Thomas Organ parts


A "transition" CryBaby

Description of a "transition" Dunlop wah owned by What follows is a collection of photos and a "Description Sheet" I sent to AnalogMike some time ago for his wah-wah records.

CryBaby Bottom Guts

'Though it's indeed a Jim Dunlop wah it seems to be a "transition" model with Thomas parts.

Received as a present from a guy who received it as a present as well from a Canadian guy that was dismantling a professional recording studio in southern Spain back in '87. Been in a drawer since then.

Sounds fantastic. Very classy. In very good shape.

Now, some more detailed photos of the innards:



Note the DPDT Carling switch for true-bypass added by me
and the external power jack added by a previous owner

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